6 Makeup Tips Which Every Bride of the Season Should Know

Have you ever felt jealous of your best friend or any girl in your social circle, who is a pro at using makeup? If answered honestly then 7 out of every 10 girls will say yes! It is a basic human tendency to feel envy of a person who has something that we want for ourselves. And when it comes to makeup, all the girls want to excel that art.

You will be surprised to know that the art of doing perfect makeup every time is simply about using smart tips and tricks. There is no such thing as “she is a born makeup artist” instead the reality is “she knows many makeup tips” and that’s what makes her look perfect every day. Therefore, to help you achieve that makeup ready look on a daily basis, we present 6 easy-to-do makeup tips and tricks.

  1. It is not very frequent that a girl uses a brush to highlight her cheeks; mostly it is kajal and lipstick only. Hence such kind of makeup calls for a special occasion. The next time you wear a blush make sure that it matches with the color of your lipstick. This trick will give your face a completer and more coordinated look.
  2. Mismatching the color of primer and foundation is a major makeup blunder which many amateur girls do. This affects their self-confidence in doing makeup which results in fear. Ensure that the color of your primer is always in the same tone as of the foundation. This will give an even skin tone and the makeup will not feel made-up.
  3. Good mascara easily costs more than a thousand bucks and when it dries-up before the shelf-life such wastage of money hurts a lot. But there is a way to bring that dead-flaky mascara back to life. Simply add a few drops of any contact-lens solution and this will make it liquid again. Take care that expired mascara should not be used as it may lead to eye infections.
  4. Perfect makeup begins only with daily skin caring ritual. Always wash your face before sleeping at night as this will remove accumulated dirt and let the skin breath. Also, keep moisturizing your lips to protect from getting chapped and keeping them soft.
  5. You should always ensure that makeup brushes are always clean. Using dirty brushes could lead to skin infections like red spots, acne, rashes etc. All the leading wedding makeup artist in Bangalore recommend brides-to-be for buying a new set of brushes for the big day.
  6. Green tea not only helps in keeping you healthy from inside but also acts as a very powerful makeup product to fight acne. If any pimple pops-up on your face all of a sudden then simply boil green tea and dab a small piece of cotton in that mixture. Now, using the cotton apply this brew gently on the pimple. The inflammatory quality of green tea fights the acne and helps in removing it.

These are some of the most common makeup secrets which you should know. If you are also looking to hire a makeup artist for the wedding then there is no need to go further than Shaadidukaan.com. It is an online wedding market which enlists with the best bridal makeup artists in your city. Simply browse, pick your choice, call the artist, and negotiate for the best price.

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